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live and learn


Our philosophy is to radiate the positivity and love that we as parents and home educators pour into our children’s lives on a daily basis. We aim to spread a wealth of information and knowledge with regard to alternative education using our collective voice, through the very personal, sometimes emotional writing of our extremely dedicated, passionate contributors. We want to show how transformative it can be to take a more holistic approach to education; how this can be a catalyst for growth, a step towards more freedom for you and your family, a spark to ignite a lifelong love of learning within both your children and yourself.

We aspire to show our readers what this way of living signifies for us; a greater focus on family connection, the opportunity for our children to have ample time to find what makes their hearts sing and the chance to live freely with the knowledge that play and learning are one and the same.

Although the creator and contributors of Learning Through Living are predominantly home educators we believe that this publication will attract the interest of families who wish to adopt a slower pace to their days, live and parent more intentionally and who believe that life itself is the greatest and wisest teacher.

Rather than expecting children to seek out a balanced life all on their own, we can help them live it. We can create an everyday life that prioritizes what we value most. We can help our children grow up experiencing creativity, inquiry, and making ideas happen as part of their normal, everyday life.
— lori pickert, project based homeschooling