Issue 12: Presence

Issue 12: Presence

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The theme for our twelfth issue is Presence, in this edition we talk about embracing a slower pace of life and the many ways that our undivided attention can positively impact our children.

Some of the amazing features in this issue include an interview with Billy Walden, who some of you may have seen on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, where he tells us all about his experience of being home educated and his love for restoration, Emma Stirk's article about slow, sustainable travel on a budget for our regular 'The World Is Your Oyster' feature and Laurie Lloyd's latest 'Creature Feature' which is a step by step guide for drawing the Vanessa Atalanta (the red admiral butterfly.)

In true journal style, our magazine is ring-bound and is filled with inspirational articles, how-to guides, and beautiful photos and is completely ad free.

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