Issue 11: Happiness

Issue 11: Happiness

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In this issue, we talk about the importance of happiness when it comes to creating harmony within our families and ways in which we can create lasting joy in our lives.

Some of the amazing features in this issue include Amy's latest 'Enchanted Escapes' section where she tells us all about her stay at Somerset Yurts (and gives readers a discount code for 20% off!), Hannah Luna Cutler's next 'Natural Mystic' piece featuring the origins of the festival of Beltane and lots of activity ideas to try with your children and an incredible article called 'The Loved Brain' by Jack Stewart, where he talks all about why it's so important to keep the bigger picture in mind when we respond to our children.

In true journal style, our magazine is ring-bound and is filled with inspirational articles, how-to guides, and beautiful photos and is completely ad free.

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